Introducing Liane Kinsman

Professional Deep Trance Channel, Professional Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Certified Hypnotherapist, Esoteric Facilitator and Host of a Meditation Circle, Channel for The Essence


Liane Kinsman

Liane Kinsman

What brought you to this work?

Beginning life as an empathic child led me upon this journey. I naturally acquired an innate desire to delve into the unknown seeking knowledge through books, and numerous metaphysical teachers. Attending every course and seminar that became available acted as a stimulus to probe even further, knowing that possibilities are boundless. As a student of the Esoteric Arts for more than twenty five years, it’s my time to share this acquired knowledge with all those that desire to learn.

I have been blessed with many gifts, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. My models of excellence include the best of the best – Jane Roberts, (Seth), Lee Carroll (Kryon) and Edgar Cayce whom would channel the Akashic Records through his subconscious.

As a worker in love, light and deep sense of compassion, my greatest pleasure lies in using my gifts to help those who come to me for guidance.

I am constantly mindful as well of the the loving energy exchange given through my spirits guides.

A student of the Esoteric Arts for more than twenty years, I’ve had many marvelous and gifted teachers along the way. Now it’s my time to share this aquired knowledge with all who desire to learn.

“It is you who create your own reality; step into your own power and everything is possible”.  The Essence

Contact Liane at: 905-894-5269